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Toscana Holiday Village operates a fully managed 50:50 rental scheme for home owners.

This is optional but if you decide to sub rent your home, this will be effective from the 01/01/24 to the 31/12/24 and can not be changed once agreed.

All homes in the 50:50 scheme will be inspected externally by THV and recommendations made to the owners for repairs and improvements.

At the end of the high season you will be notified of the rental income earned. 50% of the rental will be offset against your next annual service fee that is due.

Electricity and water are payable in full by the Owner under the normal agreements.

If you decide to visit during the high season, you must advise the reception at least 2 weeks in advance so that they can check if we have a rental booking for the dates.

If you want to come during winter, you have to inform the reception at least two weeks before. If you want to see the advance bookings please ask at Reception and they will assist you. We are looking at individual online access but this is still at an early investigation stage and we will keep you informed.

For those owners who agree to sub rent their home, preparation will be required as follows:

A full deep clean is required before the rental season to ensure standards for guests.

A separate offer will be issued to Owners for THV to provide this service.

Toscana will provide the standard cleaning service between rental visitors.

Toscana village will NOT provide the cleaning of the home if the owner has used the home last time and the home has not been rented out or used before the next arrival of the same owner. In this case, the owner can clean the home by himself/herself or he/she can ask Toscana Village for the standard cleaning and the price to be paid is 35€.

In case the owner visiting their home wants to rent bed linen and towels, they have to notify reception at least two weeks before, and they have to pay for it as soon as they arrive at the holiday park. The price for this is 10€ per person.


Compulsory before the rental season.

  1. Deep cleaning of the whole house including: washing curtains, upholstery and mattress.
  2. External cleaning of the home with a pressure washer.
  3. Annual maintenance including: sanitation and air conditioning control; control of the boiler by an external company.

Optional after the rental season

  1. Internal deep clean
  2. External cleaning


  1. Do not leave personal internal customizations and objects, such as: photos, posters, soft toys, general personal items.
  2. Do not use external or internal colors not in harmony with the existing environment.
  3. Do not leave food inside the mobile home.
  4. Do not use internal cameras.


  1. Kitchen: Complete inventory, microwave, coffee machine.
  2. Living room: Clean and undamaged sofa, curtains with neutral and blackout colors, at least 2 chairs for the table, table for eating.
  3. Double room: Comfortable mattress or topper, comfortable pillows and at least 2 more than the number of inhabitants, blankets plain colors, heater.
  4. Single room : Comfortable mattress or topper, comfortable pillows and at least 2 more than the number of inhabitants, blankets plain colors, heater.
  5. Bath: Shower hygienically cleaned and working, spotless and working sink, clean and functioning shower cubicle and wc.
  6. External: Complete external furniture and equipment (table, chairs for number of inhabitants, 2 deck chairs, umbrella or gazebo), to be kept neat and clean, roof must be cleaned of leaves, safety lock for gas bottle.
  7. Extra : Functioning air conditioning and heating pump, functioning boiler.
  8. Optional : TV, internal Wi-Fi, Wi-Fi reading meter.
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