Palazzo Blu (Blue Palace)

Get a closer look at Pisan high society in the beautifully preserved Palazzo Blu (Blue Palace). This art gallery, museum and cultural center showcases the work of Pisans from the 14th century onward in its permanent collection. It is a cheerful sight indeed, looking down onto the Arno River.

The Blue Palace showcases the artistic wealth of Pisa. The Leaning Tower isn’t this town’s only claim to fame. The palace’s elegant sky-blue façade, arched stone doorway and classic tiled roof, makes it stand out from the more neutral-colored buildings around it.

The permanent art collection was begun by the Palazzo Blu’s foundation in the 1950s and includes many works by 17th-century painters, significant sculptures and modern purchases. Most of the works have some connection to Pisa, either through their artists, clients or subjects.

The Palazzo Blu has a 14th-century construction with sumptuous 19th-century interiors. You’ll be able to see sculptures, paintings, coins, artifacts, antique furniture and modern design pieces. The art gallery houses various temporary exhibitions throughout the year as well, often of great artists of Europe and the wider world.